Get the Best Vertical Laser Mice of This Year!

If you’re looking for a mouse that’s designed for comfort and accuracy, then a vertical laser mouse is an excellent choice. Vertical laser mice combine the precision of laser tracking with an ergonomic design that helps to reduce strain on your wrists, arms, and hands. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best vertical laser mice on the market, as well as how to choose the right one for your needs.

1Image Wireless USB Handheld Finger Trackball Mouse with Laser Poi…
2Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse – Advanced Ergonomic Design R…
3Swiftpoint ProPoint Wireless Ergonomic Mouse & Presentation Click…
4ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse,Wired RGB Ergonomic USB Joystick Progr…
5Perixx Perimice-718R Wireless 2.4 GHz Ergonomic Vertical Mouse wi…

Image Wireless USB Handheld Finger Trackball Mouse With Laser Poi

Why Should You Buy It

  • Wireless, Charged by AAA battery (not included), plug and play, easy to install.Easy to use – left or right hand, or cradled between both. Press then appear laser pointer for presentation
  • Ideal for both laptops and desktops. Place end of index or middle finger on trigger button & thumb on roller ball
  • Off table and without limitation of operational space. Scrolling function can be controlled simply by your thumb. USB 2.0 interface, plug and play, no software required
  • Package Included: 1 x Wireless Finger HandHeld USB Trackball Mouse with Laser Pointer, 1 x USB Receiver, 1 x bag
  • Ergonomic Design – handheld trackball mouse wireless, which can avoid any harm on your wrist and muscle, greatly reducing the chances for Arthritis and CTS suffers

Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse – Advanced Ergonomic Design R

Why Should You Buy It

  • ADVANCED ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Places your hand in a natural handshake position using a unique 57-degree angle, preventing forearm twisting and reducing muscular strain by 10 percent (As compared with a traditional non-vertical mouse. Based on Logitech Study, September 2017)
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – With quick charging: Stays powered for 4 months on a full charge – and get 3 hours of use from a 1-minute quick charge (Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions)
  • HYPER-EFFICIENT TRACKING – 4000 DPI high-precision sensor provides precise tracking that requires 4x less hand movement compared to a traditional mouse with a 1000 DPI sensor
  • THREE WAYS TO CONNECT – Use with up to three Windows or Mac computers via included wireless USB unifying receiver or Bluetooth smart technology or the included USB-C charging cable
  • CROSS-COMPUTER CONTROL – Game-changing capacity to navigate seamlessly on three computers, and copy-paste text, images, and files from one to the other using Logitech FLOW

Swiftpoint ProPoint Wireless Ergonomic Mouse & Presentation Click

Why Should You Buy It

  • AS LIGHT AS A FEATHER – Smaller than a golf ball & weighing less than 1 ounce (only 24 grams)! ProPoint fits any sized hand & is even lightweight & compact enough to be used comfortably with a wrist brace. Wireless & rechargeable – connect via Bluetooth & charge via USB.
  • DITCH THE TRACKPAD – Lightweight, compact & wireless, ProPoint ergonomic mouse can be used anywhere. Use it in a cafe, on a sofa, or even your laptop palm-rest. Its 60-second rapid charge gives you an hour of use, so you’re always ready, even on the go! The perfect home, office or travel mouse – put an end to the frustration of an unresponsive & inefficient trackpad. Working in Word, Excel & Powerpoint becomes easier, faster & much more precise.
  • TAKE COMMAND OF YOUR PRESENTATIONS – Ready to present live or via Zoom? ProPoint is a fully featured presentation clicker complete with virtual laser pointer, spotlight, magnifier, annotation & mark up tools. ProPoint is a presentation remote & air mouse, mobile/travel mouse, Microsoft Surface Dial, pen & stylus replacement all-in-one. It’s even compatible with iPad!
  • REDUCE PAIN & DISCOMFORT – Extended computer use can cause pain, strain or discomfort in your hand, wrist, shoulder or neck & leads to long term injuries, like; Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow or Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS). ProPoint’s CES award-winning ergonomic vertical pen grip reduces pain by aligning your hand & wrist in a more neutral position. Get comfort & precision at your fingertips.
  • SWIFTPOINT GT, GENERATION 3 – ProPoint features Bluetooth 4.0 wireless, updated firmware for improved reliability, gesture technology 2.0, 3 unique buttons with 6 different button actions (when combining tilt gestures + buttons), upgraded 1800 dpi optical sensor for higher accuracy – operates on more surfaces, ongoing software & features updates.
  • GESTURE TECHNOLOGY 2.0 – ProPoint gives you the full functionality of a three-button mouse & scroll-wheel but our unique gyroscope technology also opens up a world of tilt gestures for panning, zooming & rotation. Word or Excel, Photoshop or CAD – ProPoint is the ultimate tool for designers & power users, in the office or on the go. The three mouse buttons can be given unique functions when tilted giving you bonus high precision button actions.
  • BLUETOOTH MOUSE FOR IPAD – Pair wirelessly via Bluetooth, add a keyboard, & you’ve converted your iPad into a laptop or remote desktop! Smaller than a Pebble & more accurate than a Magic Mouse, Trackpad or Pencil! Download the free Swiftpoint iPad app from Apple App Store for further customization. Compatible with iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Macbook, iPhone, all iPadOS apps, Mac & Windows
  • HOME & OFFICE PRODUCTIVITY – Wireless, compact & light weight with the accuracy of a full desktop mouse. ProPoint is loaded with productivity software too. The Surface Wheel Productivity Menu gives you 1-click access to favorite hotkeys, apps & functions. Use WFH Express Toolkit to mark up & annotate any screen, email, image or video. Click save & immediately send a copy to the relevant person or your remote team. The ultimate in work from home accessories!
  • HEALTH & WELLBEING SOFTWARE – ProPoint has an integrated wellbeing assistant health software to help keep you healthy whether working from home or office. Medical professionals recommend we take regular breaks when working – utilize the scientifically recommended ‘best practise’ program, or design your own. Supported by research conducted by professional Ergonomist & Occupational Health Physiotherapists. ProPoint offers you the flexibility & support you need.

ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse,Wired RGB Ergonomic USB Joystick Progr

Why Should You Buy It

  • Ergonomic Vertical Design.Ergonomic Vertical Design.Unlike those traditional ones which strain wrist and arm over time, causing great pain. The vertical design provides better support for your forearm minimizing wrist pain that can come from twisting.
  • Widely Compatible with Windows XP(x64)/Vista/7/8/10/Linux.Please peel off the transparent protective film on the bottom of the mouse before use.
  • Programmable and customizable.11 programmable buttons and On-board memory.
  • Pixart PMW3325 IR sensor and 5-adjustable DPI level.Color-changing RGB marquee belt on both sides.
  • Warranty & Support: Follow the platform’s return policy, we provide the full technical support after selling and any questions about the product, feel freely to contact us.

Perixx Perimice-718r Wireless 2.4 GHz Ergonomic Vertical Mouse Wi

Why Should You Buy It

  • ERGONOMIC MOUSE – The design focuses on creating a natural palm and wrist position when the mouse is used; The mouse has 6 buttons which include scroll-wheel click
  • POWER-SAVING – Built in power ON/OFF switch button and power saving function. Two AAA batteries needed (batteries are not included in the package)
  • WIRELESS FREEDOM – Wireless 2.4GHz ergonomic vertical mouse provides up to 10 meters operation range. Nano USB receiver with storage compartment, easy for you to store your USB
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS – Compatible with Windows 7/8/10; Carton contents: 1x PERIMICE-718, 1x receiver (inside the mouse), 1x manual
  • FOR LARGE HANDS – This mouse is specifically designed for large hands(larger than 7 inches (17.5 cm) from wrist to finger tip); It’s rubber coating at the palm rest and thumb support provide a comfortable user experience and an elegant design

Checklist Before Getting Your Vertical Laser Mice

Picking the right Vertical Laser Mice can be tricky with all of the options and misinformation out there. This guide will help you make a decision quickly and confidently so you don’t have to spend hours second-guessing yourself or breaking the bank.

Compare Prices of Similar Products

To start, take a look at the prices of similar products to get a general idea of what you can expect to pay. This will enable you to determine whether or not an offer is truly as good as it seems and avoid getting scammed by cheap knock-offs or overpriced units.

Research Reviews from Other Customers

Next, do some research into what other customers have thought about their purchases. This can help you spot any red flags or common issues with specific models so that you don’t end up wasting your money on a product that may end up breaking down quickly or not meeting your needs.

Look for Additional Warranties or After-Sales Support

Finally, be sure to check whether there are any additional warranties or after-sales support that you may be entitled to. This can help protect your purchase and ensure that you won’t have to worry about unexpected costs or having to pay for repairs down the road.

Carefully Check the Product Specs

Of course, it is also important to carefully check the product specs before making a purchase. This can you get a better sense of what to expect from your unit, whether it will meet all of your particular needs, and how long it is likely to last.

How Much Are They Charging for Shipping?

Make sure to look into the company’s shipping policies before checking out. This can help you determine whether or not they are charging a fair price for shipping and avoid any unexpected surprises at checkout.

Don’t Fall Victim to Scams and Fraud

Take caution against getting scammed. Young users, in particular, worry about fraudsters and their various schemes to access your personal information, such as usernames and passwords. While there are many trustworthy websites out there, some dishonest ones try to pass themselves off as online shopping stores in order to get information from you.

But how can you tell if a website is fake? Google Trusted Stores is a verification system for all online shopping sites that let users know which shop they can trust with their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum range of this laser mouse?

The maximum range of this laser mouse is approximately 10 meters.

2. Does this mouse have customizable buttons?

No, this mouse does not have customizable buttons.

3. Is the vertical design ergonomic?

It depends. A vertical design can be more ergonomic depending on the context. For example, if the device being designed is intended for a user to use while standing, a vertical design could be more ergonomic than a horizontal design. However, if the device is intended for a user to use while sitting, a horizontal design may be more ergonomic.

4. What type of surface does this mouse work best with?

This mouse works best on a smooth, flat surface.

5. Does this mouse have adjustable sensitivity settings?

No, this mouse does not have adjustable sensitivity settings.

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