The Best Cabrio Washing Machine Parts: Buying Guide

Finding the right parts for your cabrio washing machine can be a daunting task. With the right knowledge and resources, however, you can easily find the best cabrio washing machine parts to keep your appliance running smoothly. This article will provide you with an overview of the various parts available and some tips on how to find the best ones for your particular machine.

1OCTOPUS W10435302 & W10447783 Bearings Tool Kit Compatible Washin…
2Updated W10780048 Washing Machine Suspension Rods, Compatible wit…
3W10189077 Washing Machine Suspension Rods Kit for Whirlpool Mayta…
4280145 W10820039 Washer Hub Kit Replacement Part Compatible for W…
5W10404050 W10238287 Washer Door Lid Lock Switch Latch Assembly Pa…

OCTOPUS W10435302 & W10447783 Bearings Tool Kit Compatible Washin

Why Should You Buy It

  • INCLUDES: 1 – Bearings Kit / 1 – Bearing Seal / 1 – Drive Shaft / 1 –Nut & Spacer / 1 – Bearing Spacer Tube / 1 – Instructional Manual / 1 – Super Glue Silicon Sealer Adhesive & Grease Tube / 1 – Metal Push Rod
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Bearing Type(s): Type 1& Type 2 / NBR Double Shield Metal Spacer and Metal Shaft. Our metal construction tool repair kit is meant to outlast OEM parts.
  • PERFECT FIT: Please Reference Our Compatibility List Below to Ensure Our Parts are Compatible with Your Component(s). Please contact us if you have any compatibility questions.
  • WARRANTY & CARE: Reliable Customer Service Is Our #1 Priority. Here at Octopus, We Readily Offer a 30-Day Money Back Guaranteed and 90-Day Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. Which Covers Manufacturing Defects. For Maximum Usage, We Suggest Avoiding Canned Lubricant and Using Grease or Oil.

Updated W10780048 Washing Machine Suspension Rods, Compatible Wit

Why Should You Buy It

  • ❤【Fix Situation】This Suspension Rods Support the washing machine washing tub and balance the washing machine under unbalanced conditions to reduce vibration. If the washing machine loses the balance or code error, use the damper to keep the balance back to normal use.
  • ❤【Quality Assurance】 This Washer Suspension Rods Damper is Not OEM but quality equal to OEM requirements . High quality, durability and good price. Excellent design,Strict production requirements , installed easy faster, saving you time and energy .
  • ❤【Compatible Model】Length: 23.6in. The w10780048 suspension rod kit Compatible with the Whirlpool, Maytag, kenmore, cabrio. wtw4800xq2, wtw4800xq4, ntw4560yq0, ap5971398, atw4675yq1,11020022013. Please see picture 7 for compatible models. If you cannot find your machine model, please let us confirm it for you.
  • ❤【Set Contains】①Compare with your original size before buying. ②This Washing machine suspension rod Set includes 4 rods, 4 suspension balls and 4 bushings. The suspension rods help to dampen the movement of the washer tub. If one or more of the suspension rods are broken, the washer will vibrate or shake.
  • ❤【After sales service】 Amazon official warehouse, fast Amazon official logistics. If you have any questions or are not satisfied after the purchase with the W10780048, Please feel free to email me, I will give you the best answer! I can send you a new set or give you a full refund. You do not need to return it. I will be responsible for our products to the end.

W10189077 Washing Machine Suspension Rods Kit for Whirlpool Mayta

Why Should You Buy It

  • Works For Brand: Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag
  • Replaces The Following Part Numbers: W10820048 PS11723157 W10349191 AP5985113 ERW10780048 PS11723157 1878257 PS3418737 LP22874
  • After-sales Guarantee: Discount Parts Direct is an American company. From molding to assembly, every process has strict quality requirements and manual inspections. We provide customers with a 100% replacement or money-back guarantee. If you encounter any problems during use, please send us an email and we will give you a satisfactory solution. Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation!
  • Fixes The Following Symptoms: Shakes and moves, Noisy
  • Quality: The replacement parts are made of durable, high-quality materials and have been fully tested by the manufacturer.

280145 W10820039 Washer Hub Kit Replacement Part Compatible for W

Why Should You Buy It

  • 【Replace Part Number】280145 W10820039 Washer Basket Drive Hub kit can compatible with Whirlpool, Magic Chef, Kenmore, Maytag, Kitchenaid, Jenn-air, Amana, Admiral, Cabrio, Norge, Roper, Caloric & Ikea, Modern Maid, Crosley, Inglis, etc washing machine. Replaces part numbers: 1200151, 8545948, 8545953, W10118114, W10820039VP, AP5985205, PS11723155, AH1485595, EA1485595, PS1485595, etc.
  • 【Premium Material】XFYBZN 280145 Washer hub kit is made from heavy duty plastic, highly durable materials, stronger, more wear-resistant, and a perfect fit. After factory testing and customer feedback, the quality exceeds that of oem. It is easy to install, saves time and effort, and can save you a large amount of maintenance costs.
  • 【Washer Drive Hub Kit】W10820039 Washing machine hub kit include Driver hub*1, driven basket hub*2. perfectly fix washing machine sd codes and spin failure issues. Please check the model number carefully before ordering. This part fixes the following symptoms: Will not agitate | Pumps but will not spin(gear damage) | Spins slowly | Noisy | Shaking and Moving.
  • 【Compatible Models】[MAYTAG]- 7MMVWB850WL0 7MMVWB950AG0 7MWTW7800XW0 7MWTW8800AW0 MTW6300TQ0 MTW6300TQ1 MTW6600TB1 MVWB300WQ0 MVWB400VQ0 MVWB450WQ2; etc. [WHIRLPOOL]- WTW6200SW0 WTW6600SB1 WTW6600SB3 WTW6600SG0 WTW6600SG2 WTW6600SW1 WTW6700TU1 WTW6700TW1 WTW6800WL1 WTW7300XW0 WTW7300XW1 WTW7320YW0 WTW7340XW1 WTW7800XL1 WTW7800XL2 WTW7800XW1 WTW7990XG0 WTW7990XG1 WTW8000BW0 WTW8100BW0 WTW8200YW0 WTW8240YW0 WTW8500BC0 WTW8500BR0 WTW8540BC0 WTW8600YW0 WTW8600YW1 WTW8800YC0 WTW8800YW0; etc.
  • 【Easy To Install】If your washer won’t agitate or spin properly, the basket hub might need replaced. It is very simple installation. Unplug your washer from its power and water source before beginning the repair. You’ll just need a small flathead screwdriver, 7/16-in. socket with a long extension, and towels. Use the towels to cover the drain holes to prevent the screws from accidentally falling in. (Easy to DIY according to relevant YouTube videos)

W10404050 W10238287 Washer Door Lid Lock Switch Latch Assembly Pa

Why Should You Buy It

  • Long lifespan — Fit perfectly — Sturdier materials — Easy Installation — We recommend watching the installation on video sites This is the best way to replace easily without so many headaches
  • The combo pack includes the most common to fail components to fix a washer — Top-load Washer Door lid lock replacement parts — 1) Door Lid Lock Switch Latch (4-wire switch) W10404050 W10238287 — 2) Door Strike W10240513 — 3) Bezels (white and grey), 2 Pcs — 4) Instruction
  • Replaces part numbers: Washer Door Lid Lock Switch Latch W10404050, W10238287, W10404050VP, W10744659, AP5263307, 1938607, EAP3497627, AH3497627, EA3497627, PS3497627, LP15959, PD00003596. Door Strike W10240513, WPW10240513, WPW10240513VP, AP4514459, AP6017583, 1873013, AH2579805, EA2579805, EAP11750882, PS2579805, PS11750882, PD00004624
  • Wide Compatibility — W10404050 W10238287 Washer door replacement parts lid lock switch latch assembly compatible with Whirlpool, Cabrio, Duet, Maytag, Centennial, Bravos X, Amana, Kenmore 110 series top-load electronic top loader washer washing machine
  • 1-year Warranty — 100% Satisfaction Free Replacement Full Refund Service Guaranteed — Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Consider These Factors Before Buying Cabrio Washing Machine Parts

Before choosing which Cabrio Washing Machine Parts to test, we spent hours researching the specs and features. We read reviews from reliable sources that had extensive experience as well as customer reviews and ratings. We only checked the reliability of the latter on Fakespot, though.

After that, we narrowed our search based on the following criteria:

Are Specs Really Useful to You?

The first factor to consider is whether the specs are really useful to you. Different people value different things, so it’s important to do some introspection and determine which features are most important to your needs.

For instance, if you’re looking for a Cabrio Washing Machine Parts that is specifically designed for heavy-duty use, then you may want to prioritize things like durability and power over other factors like design or sleekness of the unit.

What Is Your Budget?

Next, think about what you’re willing and able to spend on Cabrio Washing Machine Parts. Keep in mind that you don’t always need top-of-the-line products – sometimes, generic or off-brand options can be just as good for half the price.

However, it’s also important not to skimp on quality and end up with a product that quickly breaks down or doesn’t perform as expected. So be sure to do your research and read reviews carefully before making any final decisions.

How Much Support Do You Need?

Finally, consider how much support you need when buying Cabrio Washing Machine Parts. Will you have access to customer service if something goes wrong? Is there additional warranty coverage or after-sales support available?

These factors can make a big difference in ensuring that you are satisfied with your purchase and won’t have to worry about getting stuck with an inferior unit or dealing with unexpected costs down the road. Ultimately, finding the right balance of these different factors will help you make the best decision possible when shopping for Cabrio Washing Machine Parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most common cabrio washing machine parts that need to be replaced?

The most common cabrio washing machine parts that need to be replaced are the drive belt, the lid switch, the water inlet valves, the agitator dogs, the tub bearings, the drain pump, and the water pump.

2. Are there any cabrio washing machine parts that are universal across all models?

No, cabrio washing machine parts are not universal across all models. Each model of washing machine may have its own set of parts, so it is important to check the model number of your washing machine when purchasing parts.

3. What is the best way to find replacement cabrio washing machine parts?

The best way to find replacement cabrio washing machine parts is to contact the manufacturer directly. Many companies provide customer service phone numbers and websites where you can find parts and ordering information. Additionally, you can search online for independent retailers that carry replacement parts.

4. Are there any tips to help extend the life of cabrio washing machine parts?

Yes, there are several tips to help extend the life of cabrio washing machine parts. Firstly, it is important to ensure that the appliance is properly maintained and regularly cleaned. This includes checking and cleaning the filter, as well as checking and replacing any worn out or broken parts. Additionally, it is important to use the right detergent and water temperature settings to ensure that the appliance is not overworked. Finally, it is also important to avoid overloading the machine, as this can cause parts to wear out faster.

5. Are cabrio washing machine parts covered under a manufacturer’s warranty?

It depends on the manufacturer and the terms of their warranty. Most manufacturers will cover parts and labor for a period of time from the date of purchase. However, some parts may be excluded from the warranty, so it is important to read the warranty information for the specific model of cabrio washing machine.

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