The Best Bell Shaped Menstrual Cups For You!

Menstrual cups are becoming increasingly popular as a safe and reusable alternative to tampons and pads. Bell-shaped menstrual cups are a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and easy-to-use menstrual cup. This article will discuss the best bell-shaped menstrual cups on the market and the features they offer. We’ll also discuss how to choose the right cup for your body type, flow, and lifestyle.

1SHORDY Reusable Menstrual Cups, Set with Box, Period Starter Kit …
2Softdisc Menstrual Discs | Disposable Period Discs | Tampon, Pad,…
3Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup – Super Soft and Flexible – Best Sensiti…
4Lena Menstrual Cup | Large – Super Heavy Menstruation Flow | Expe…
5MORECUP 100% Silicone Menstrual Cups, Size Adjustable & Self Cust…

SHORDY Reusable Menstrual Cups, Set With Box, Period Starter Kit

Why Should You Buy It

  • TOP-NOTCH USABILITY – By combining superior product design & carefully adjusted silicone thickness we have produced a cup that is extremely easy to insert & take out. The high-quality silicone also makes for a much softer feel which results in exceptional user experience.
  • TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUP – We recommend taking good care of your menstrual cup using our specially formulated premium gel cleaner & ergonomically designed menstrual cup sterilizer. This will ensure your cup stays with you for a long time.
  • A HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE – Shordy cup is a reusable menstrual cup that is a health-friendly alternative to traditional sanitary pads & tampons. It fits organically without contributing to any of the numerous health dangers caused by pads & tampons. It collects your menstrual flow effectively & allows for easy disposal at your convenience. Bid adieu to dryness and itchiness and instead, welcome a better form of menstrual hygiene!
  • ULTRA COST EFFICIENT – You can easily save over $100 by moving away from harmful pads & tampons as these cups can be used for up to 10 years if taken care of. Another way you will be saving money is by not paying that hefty premium to other menstrual cup brands. So, it’s clearly a win-win, no matter how you look at it!
  • AN ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE – As these cups are made of high-quality silicone – they can be sterilized & reused for a long time, unlike pads & tampons which inevitably find their way to landfills & oceans. This makes these cups not only eco-friendly in nature but also sustainable!

Softdisc Menstrual Discs | Disposable Period Discs | Tampon, Pad,

Why Should You Buy It

  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR BODY: Softdisc is the result of 10 years of Research and Development by scientists. It is hypoallergenic, made without BPA, phthalates, or latex. It is also the only internally-worn product that is not linked to TSS.
  • FOR HEAVY OR LIGHT PERIODS: Use menstrual soft rings instead of tampons, pads, and menstrual cups. Unlike other products, one size fits women of all ages and sizes. Softdisc holds 5 tampons worth of fluid and is the preferred choice for heavy or light periods.
  • COMFORTABLE: Softdisc is the most comfortable period product on the market. It prevents menstrual odor, irritation, and dryness. Most women cannot feel Softdisc at all once inserted. Softdisc is easy to change, remove and dispose of on the go.
  • LEAK PREVENTION: Softdisc prevents leaks overnight, during exercise, while swimming, and even during sex during menstruation. Softdisc creates a comfortable seal at the base of the cervix which leaves you worry-free during all of life’s activities.

Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup – Super Soft and Flexible – Best Sensiti

Why Should You Buy It

  • Natural and Safe- Made in the USA with 100% medical-grade silicone, the Saalt Cup is affordable premium period care. Our chemical free formula is naturally hypoallergenic, non-toxic and BPA and latex free. Unlike tampons it maintains your unique pH and will never dry you out, leave fibrous residue or cause micro tearing and risk infection and TSS.
  • Saalt Gives – For every purchase, Saalt helps provide improved period care and educational opportunities to women and girls in need.
  • Premier soft cup – Saalt Soft’s velvety soft finish, rounded transitions, and proprietary bulb shape makes it easy to insert and open, ensuring a seal so comfortable that you forget it’s there. It also means you have a consistent leak free and odor free period. The indented stem is the most flexible and comfortable on the market. No abrasive ridges to irritate your skin.
  • Designed by experts – The Saalt Soft was designed in collaboration with the cup experts at Put A Cup In It, who have helped over a million menstruators find their perfect menstrual cup. Together, we created a cup that would combine that “just right” Saalt shape with a new, softer firmness that is ideal for those with sensitivities.
  • Soft & flexible – If a menstrual cup was a yogi, this would be it! The Saalt Soft is made with an ultra-soft silicone formula designed to be both gentle and super comfortable for those with bladder sensitivity, cramping or discomfort with firmer cups.

Lena Menstrual Cup | Large – Super Heavy Menstruation Flow | Expe

Why Should You Buy It

  • GOOD FOR THE PLANET: Minimize your footprint by switching to Lena. Our menstrual cups are completely reusable for up to 10 years, a perfect sustainable solution to reducing single-use tampons and pads. Our 100% post-consumer packaging is chlorine-free, printed using vegetable-based inks and is entirely recyclable.
  • A BETTER PERIOD: Enjoy the bliss of worry free periods with no interruptions. Lena Cup is a reusable period cup providing a better, more comfortable way to experience your monthly flow. You can wear Lena for up to 12 consecutive hours without any sensation, leaks, or discomfort.
  • COMFORT FOR YOUR PERIOD: From painful period cramps to irregular or heavy flows, we know how difficult periods can be! Comfortable period products can make all the difference for vaginal health. Lena Cup helps your periods feel natural and easy. No more vaginal dryness, irritation, or shame for being on your period.
  • HONOR YOUR BODY: Our bodies are beautiful, resilient, and powerful. Lena Cup honors your period by allowing you to be present and healthy in your life. Lena Cup is hypoallergenic, free of BPA, latex, and dioxins, just how feminine hygiene products should be. Sustainably made in California using medical-grade silicone and dyes to ensure our product’s complete biocompatibility and safety.
  • GO WITH THE FLOW: Do what you love with no limitations. Lena Cup is ideal for an active lifestyle. You can dance, run, swim, and sleep while wearing your menstrual cup. Feel good in your body and mind. Live fully on your period! We recommend Lena Small regardless of your flow. Lena Large is ideal for experienced users looking for added capacity.

MORECUP 100% Silicone Menstrual Cups, Size Adjustable & Self Cust

Why Should You Buy It

  • EASY REMOVAL: This menstrual cup has 6-layer of heart-shaped stem at the bottom, which makes it easier and more comfortable to remove from 12-hours wear. This stem can be conveniently pulled and adjusted by cutting to the desired length. Morecup also has 4-air holes that help the cup to be easily released when removing. You can remove it without putting a lot of pressure on the cup as you can just pinch and pull down the stem. How easy is that!
  • SIZE-FREE MENSTRUAL CUP (FOR TEENS OR ADULTS): Morecup is a self-customizable menstrual cup that provides a small cutter to adjust your own size. The cup is designed in a combination of a bell type and a ball-type, which makes it easy to wear and allows it to contain a large amount of blood. After cutting off the rim, the surface of the rim maintains smooth and not rough at all, so it can be worn without any irritation.
  • 100% MEDICAL SILICONE: This menstrual cup is made of 100% medical silicone that does not contain any latex within. The following material is also widely used in producing contact lenses, therefore it is gentle on our skin. Morecup insists on using only the materials derived from nature and our product is U.S. FDA registered, meaning that it has been officially tested and registered in the category of non-drug products.
  • SILICONE CASE INCLUDED: Morecup package also includes a silicone case for storing the menstrual cup more conveniently. This case is made of silicone material as well and it comes out in two colors: pink and white. It is light-weighted and portable so you can carry it anywhere and whenever. Make sure you completely dry out the cup before storing in the case.
  • REUSABLE: Morecup can be simply cleansed in boiling water for 5 minutes and make sure you clean it within 5 minutes or else the shape of the cup will be deformed. The package also includes a small brush that you can use to clean the cup more meticulously. Morecup can be used for up to 10 years if you take good care of it, but it is highly recommended to replace it with a new product once every 2 years.

What to Think About Before Purchasing Bell Shaped Menstrual Cups

When purchasing any product, it is important to be aware of the key considerations that should be taken into account. By doing so, you can avoid making a purchase that you may regret later on. In this buying guide, we will focus on Bell Shaped Menstrual Cups.

Determine What You Need

When looking for new Bell Shaped Menstrual Cups, it is important to determine your needs and requirements. This will help you focus on what is important to you and make the purchasing process simpler. Knowing your priorities is the most important thing when making a purchase.

Brand Value

We usually go for brands we have an emotional attachment to, which can result in both good and bad experiences. Of course, it’s often safest to stick with the brands we know best. But if you’re not one hundred percent confident that your chosen brand has the best product for you, then being cautious when buying any product from any brand is essential.

Budget vs Pricing

Before you commit to a purchase, you should always consider your budget. The price of a product is usually dependent on the seller and producer’s expenses, like raw materials, production costs, shipping fees, etc. If you want something of higher quality, be prepared to spend more money. This is almost a rule set in stone- your Bell Shaped Menstrual Cups included.

Go Through the Specs Carefully

Before you purchase any product, it’s essential that you study the features section to get a clear understanding of what you’re buying. This will help determine if the product meets your requirements and if it stacks up against similar products on the market. Having this information readily available will make it easier for you to reach a final decision about whether or not to buy the product.

Pros vs Cons

It’s up to us to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each product before we buy them. So, stay calm, and find out what you’re looking for in that Bell Shaped Menstrual Cups. Maybe another company has already made the perfect one for you. just don’t be too lazy to compare your options before making your final decision.

Quality and Performance

Quality is determined by a number of factors, including Color, Style, Performance, and Durability. Be sure to check for all of these when you make any purchases including Bell Shaped Menstrual Cups. After all, you are spending your hard-earned money on this item – it had better be worth it! In the end, it comes down to the quality of the product and whether or not it lives up to your expectations.

Understand Your Rights as a Customer

Many manufacturers are not only making good quality products but also creative advertisements to get us interested in them. However, the after-sales service and warranty are where many of them lack. For a lot of people, this is a big deal that can make or break whether they purchase a product or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best bell shaped menstrual cup for someone with a low cervix?

The FemmyCycle Low Cervix Menstrual Cup is an excellent option for someone with a low cervix. This cup is specifically designed for low cervix users and is one of the shortest cups on the market, making it a great choice for those with a low cervix. The cup also features a unique bell shape that helps it stay in place while also providing superior leak protection.

2. How do you properly insert a bell shaped menstrual cup?

1. Wash your hands and the menstrual cup. 2. Fold the menstrual cup into a comfortable shape for insertion. There are multiple folding techniques, such as the “U-Fold” or “C-Fold”. 3. Relax your body, take a few deep breaths, and insert the folded menstrual cup into your vagina like you would a tampon. 4. Once it is inserted, the cup should pop open and form a seal to collect the menstrual fluid. If you cannot feel the cup opening or it feels uncomfortable, you may need to adjust it. 5. When the cup is full, you can remove it and empty the contents into the toilet. Be sure to rinse it before reinserting.

3. What is the capacity of a bell shaped menstrual cup?

The capacity of a bell shaped menstrual cup ranges from 15 to 30 milliliters, depending on the size and brand of the cup.

4. What are some tips for getting the best seal with a bell shaped menstrual cup?

1. Make sure the stem of the cup is trimmed to the right length for your body before insertion. 2. Fold the cup before insertion, using the C-fold, punch down fold, or the 7-fold to make the cup smaller. 3. Relax your body and use a water-based lubricant to help with insertion. 4. Twist the cup after insertion to ensure the cup has opened and created a seal in the vaginal canal. 5. Adjust the stem to ensure it is comfortable and the cup is positioned correctly. 6. Check the cup’s seal from time to time throughout your cycle to make sure it is secure.

5. What are the benefits of using a bell shaped menstrual cup?

The benefits of using a bell shaped menstrual cup include: 1. Longer wear time: A bell shaped menstrual cup can hold up to three times as much liquid as a regular menstrual cup, meaning you can wear it for up to 12 hours at a time. 2. Comfort: The bell shape is more comfortable and secure than a regular menstrual cup, making it ideal for those with a heavier flow. 3. Reusable: Unlike disposable menstrual products, a bell shaped menstrual cup can be reused for up to 10 years, providing a more sustainable and cost-effective option. 4. Easy to insert and remove: The bell shape makes it easier to insert and remove the cup, making it a more user-friendly option. 5. Discreet: The bell shape makes it more discreet than other menstrual cups, allowing you to avoid potentially embarrassing situations.

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