Get the Best 900 Watt RMS Subwoofers of This Year!

When it comes to choosing a subwoofer, there are many options to consider. One of the most important considerations is the power output of the subwoofer. For those looking for maximum power output, a 900 watt RMS subwoofer is a great choice. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best 900 watt RMS subwoofers on the market and discuss what makes them stand out from the rest.

1DS18 GEN-X124D Subwoofer in Black – 4 Layer Black Aluminum Voice …
2Polk MM842-SVC MM1 Series 8 Inch 900 Watt Max 300 Watts RMS Full …
3SoundQubed S1-850 900W RMS Car Audio Amplifier, 1 Ohm Stable Mono…
4Memphis MJM822 8″ 900W RMS Dual 2-Ohm MOJO Series Subwoofers…
5Skar Audio ZVX-8 D2 8″ 900 Watt Dual 2 Ohm SPL Car Subwoofer…

DS18 GEN-X124D Subwoofer in Black – 4 Layer Black Aluminum Voice

What We Think About This

  • AMAZING PERFORMANCE AND LOW FREQUENCIES – The GEN-X124D pounds out all of the power you need and handles low frequencies like a true 12″ subwoofer.
  • POWERFUL BASS YOU CAN COUNT ON – The GEN-X124D delivers impressive 900W Max Power with 450W RMS at Dual 4 Ohm, once you hear it you’ll finally realize what big, rich bass sounds like.
  • UNMATCHED ENGINEERING – The GEN-X line of subwoofers come with a red steel basket, DVC, a paper/glass fiber cone, black aluminum voice coil cover, and foam edges all at an affordable price.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MAGNET – Settle for nothing but the best with Ferrite magnets that produces a wider range of tones and can handle tremendous power at high volumes.
  • DUAL VOICE COIL (DVC) – Provides multiple options and flexibility to wire Parallel, Series, or Independent. DVC will make sure you get the most from your system. While typical subwoofers have a single voice coil, the Hooligan-X Series offers two

Polk MM842-SVC MM1 Series 8 Inch 900 Watt Max 300 Watts RMS Full

What We Think About This

  • Single voice coil carefully engineered for high-performance bass
  • Dynamic Balance technology gives your rich, clean, full-range sound
  • Eliminated distortion and unwanted resonant frequencies
  • Frequency response: 30 Hz 200 kHz; Sensitivty: 85 dB7.28 inch cutout diameter, 4.13 top mount depth
  • Upgrade your audio with 300 watts of RMS power, total sonic accuracy, and IP56 marine protection; Power: 900 watts max, 300 watts RMS

SoundQubed S1-850 900W RMS Car Audio Amplifier, 1 Ohm Stable Mono

What We Think About This

  • Easy Install, even for Dummies: Set screw terminals connect easily to your power and speaker wire. Surface-mount feet make securely mounting the S1-850 a cinch. To get everything you need for installation, check out the SoundQubed Four Gauge amp kit. Wiring configuration and ohm load allow output from 375 to 1070 (16V) Watts RMS.
  • Our Longevity is Your Advantage: Established in 2002 as Audioque (AQ), we have nearly 20 years of innovation behind our products. We focus on getting high-quality products into the hands of DIY audio enthusiasts at affordable prices. Our team members provide the education and service after the sell to help you shape your car audio experience with confidence.
  • Powerful Monoblock Bass Amplifier: Wired to a 1ohm load, this amp puts out up to 900W RMS (14.4V), or 1070W RMS (16V). Dial in the perfect tuning for your sub stage with the S1-850’s subsonic and low-pass filtering. Strap two S1-850s for higher combined power output. If you want to jump into car audio with both feet, this amp will push a pair of SoundQubed HDS2.2 Subwoofers.
  • Add Bass, Save Space: The S1-850 is a Class D subwoofer amp is a great choice for space-conscious audio enthusiasts because of its compact amplifier footprint. This is an audio amplifier for cars with or without upgraded electrical systems. Always know your charging specs before you buy an amp. You generally need 100 amps of alternator output per 1000W. So, for a 2000W class D monoblock amplifier, you would need a 200 amp alternator.
  • Stays Cool as a Cucumber: Added heatsink and improved circuitry make for excellent cooling. This efficient class D monoblock amplifier design keeps more power flowing to your system instead of turning into heat, so you can play louder for longer.

Memphis MJM822 8″ 900W RMS Dual 2-Ohm MOJO Series Subwoofers

What We Think About This

  • power handling: 900 watts RMS (1800 watts peak)
  • fiberglass-reinforced cone with stitched foam surround
  • top-mount depth: 5-3/4″

Skar Audio ZVX-8 D2 8″ 900 Watt Dual 2 Ohm SPL Car Subwoofer

What We Think About This

  • Massive Triple Stack Magnet | 2.5″ Voice Coil
  • Sensitivity: 80.4 dB | Fs: 41.8 Hz
  • Peak Power: 1,100 Watts | RMS Power: 900 Watts
  • Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone with Stitched High Roll Foam Surround
  • 8-inch Dual 2 Ohm SPL Car Subwoofer

How To Choose Your 900 Watt RMS Subwoofers

Use our buying guide before you purchase 900 Watt RMS Subwoofers. Some features are necessary, while others may not be as important to you.:

Quality of the Unit

The product should be high-quality, durable, and last for more than one year. The best way to assess the quality is by reading reviews from other customers who have purchased and used the product.

Is the Unit Worth the Price Tag?

Price is not the only factor to consider while buying a product, but it’s an important one. You should compare how much you’re willing to spend on the item with what other sellers are offering similar products for. Keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better – quality should also be taken into consideration.

If the price difference is significant, choose the more expensive option as it is likely to be of better quality and last longer than its cheaper counterparts.


Before you buy a product, always double-check that the model you want includes all of the features you desire! If you’re unsure about any of them, read reviews from customers who have used those specific features. This way, you can get an idea of whether or not they would be useful to YOU.


There are a lot of risks involved while buying products online. Sometimes, the product doesn’t reach you, or it comes in damaged condition. So make sure that the seller offers a guarantee on the product.

Customer Support

Last but not the least, make sure that customer support is available for you in case of any issues or queries regarding your purchased product. If there is no help desk support, then you can always go to forums and review sites to find answers to any doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum power handling capacity of the subwoofer?

The maximum power handling capacity of the subwoofer depends on the specific model and manufacturer. Generally, it ranges from between 50 to 1000 watts.

2. How is the subwoofer’s sound quality?

The sound quality of the subwoofer depends on its design and construction. Generally, subwoofers with higher-quality components and construction will produce better sound quality.

3. Does the subwoofer come with an amplifier?

No, the subwoofer does not come with an amplifier.

4. How deep is the bass response?

The bass response of a speaker depends on its design and individual components, so there is no single answer. Generally, many bass speakers are capable of producing frequencies in the range of 20 Hz to 200 Hz.

5. What size box is recommended for optimum performance?

It is recommended to use a box that is at least 10-inches in width, 8-inches in height, and 8-inches in depth for optimum performance.

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